What We Do

Logic Solutions develops custom web and mobile applications that healthcare organizations can use to improve the quality of care given to patients, reduce readmissions and increase the bottom line. Our work supports providers along the continuum of care to engage and empower their patients and improve outcomes – as well as position these providers to succeed in the new Value Based Purchasing model. Our work helps connect people – from patient to the doctors; from the hospital administrators to the necessary regulatory agencies.

The technology created by Logic Solutions helps providers and physicians offer the best possible care to their patients through:

mHealth Technologies


Provider and Patient Portals

Data Integration, Reporting and Analysis

Remote Care Management

Solutions for Reduced Admissions

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Logic Solutions has experience developing a variety of solutions for the healthcare industry. Check out our recent work in mHealth, patient and provider portals and other custom-built healthcare applications.

Our Work

Who We Serve

Care Providers

We can help address recurring issues, reduce costs, connect the care continuum and improve on your hospital’s bottom line. We’ll work with you to develop custom technology solutions to reduce readmissions and unnecessary emergency room visits, making your patients healthier overall.


Whether you are an innovator who has a concept that needs development or a start-up looking to enhance or advance your product forward, the Logic Solutions team can dive in and take it from concept to finished product, and anywhere in between.

Insurance Companies/Brokers

Need to transform your enrollment process or improve data integration?  The team of experts at Logic Solutions can help improve your workflow, analytics and reporting capabilities, resulting in reduction in time and costs.

Listen. Plan. Execute.

At Logic Solutions, our process is simple and it starts with putting you, the customer, first. Our consultants will meet with you, get an understanding of your needs, and advise you on the options that are right for you. Once that blueprint has been established, we follow a rigorous process to define, architect, build and deploy stellar solutions that solve critical healthcare problems. The end result is a cutting edge solution that will exceed your expectations!

Why Choose Us

Unlike other companies, Logic Solutions has close to 20 years of development work under its belt. We know how to apply technology to help reduce readmissions, achieve meaningful use, and integrate with existing systems – resulting in operating efficiencies, process improvement and quality care.

With a diverse and experienced team, we’ll help your organization diagnose its areas of need, then plan, develop and implement solutions. We can even provide dedicated resources to help transition your organization into the new technology.

What Our Clients Say

I know first-hand the quality of the resources that Logic Solutions has assigned to my efforts in particular, and I am extremely pleased. Click here to learn more.
Director, Applications Support & Quality Assurance, WellMed Medical Management
The team at Logic is creative and responsive. Their results are first rate — both professional and with great eye appeal. Click here to learn more.
Medical Director, Critical Care, University of Michigan Health System
USCAP worked with Logic Solutions to develop a comprehensive and complex website that incorporated CMS with an association management software, which enabled a renewed ability to monitor members and provide them with access to a myriad of educational offerings. This project was enormous in scope and could not have been accomplished without the enormous efforts put forth by the Logic Solutions team. Their work has transformed USCAP and has made us a stronger organization. Click here to learn more.
Executive Vice President, USCAP
The Logic Solutions team has always been there when we need work done quickly. We couldn’t have been successful in our projects without their dedication and hard work! Click here to learn more.
Lead Integration Engineer, WellMed Medical Management
We are proud to have been a partner with Logic Solutions for the past decade in the pioneering development of the Computerized Intervention Authoring System (CIAS). They met our very high demand for interactivity and tailoring, including those using open-source elements such as MySQL and Java Server pages. Click here to learn more.
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences, Wayne State University School of Medicine
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